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Reliable supplier for crocus advance

Hi everyone. For my first post I would like to ask if anyone can recommend a supplier of crocus advance. I have tried 3 times now to get it from local garden centres and each time the flower that comes up is not advance. The prices on the internet range from £2-for 20 to 10.95 for 25. I certainly don't want to  pay higher prices and still not get what I ordered. Any advice would be appreciated. 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,454
    Welcome to the forum  :)
    Both the suppliers l currently use (Peter Nyssen and Farmer Gracy) don't stock it. I see Wilkos are showing it at £2, l have had bulbs from them in the past and they have been fine.
  • Hi - I bought mine from Broadleigh Gardens (aka De Jager) but I just checked for you and they are out of stock. Mind you, I haven't received them yet! It never occurred to me they might not come up true, so thanks for the warning - I will watch carefully.
  • Thanks AnniD I'll bare that in mind.
    Yes Pianoplayer. I originally saw them in a newspaper article and fell in love with them so I remembered the colours. I suspect many people just pick what looks nice on the packet and don't remember several months later what they should like. The first year I didn't notice. The second year I thought I don't remember seeing the advance crocus last year. When they flowered again I realised why. The second lot were also wrong and the garden centre gave me some free ones the following year which were also wrong. Very poor quality control somewhere! I have also had it with mail order Iris's and some plug plants of agapanthus twister. I had to wait until the 3rd year for the flower and it was the wrong one! They probably get away with it because of the time delay in flowering.
  • It is really bad. Maybe my nerdy habit of hanging on to labels/packs isn't such a bad idea after all... I've bought several different bulbs from them, so I will be on the look out.
  • Sorry, know this is an old thread, but just wanted to confirm that the crocus Advance I got from De Jager/Broadleigh have come up true and are putting on a wonderful show. They are a really lovely variety, and I am looking forward to them naturalising.
  • I find the service we receive from Broadleigh to be superb 👍 

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  • Their online shop is so rudimentary it has put me off buying...but at least good to know the quality was better than their web presence. 
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  • They give old fashioned customer service so I’m prepared to make a bit of an effort on their website. 😊 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Thank you Pianoplayer, for letting us know. Also good to hear you were pleased with them. Thank you also Dovefromabove and amancalledgeorge for your feedback. It's not a company I have used before but will definitely give them a try, just looking now at the summer ones. It would appear the crocus bulbs go on sale quite early, I was always looking when they were sold out. Do I need to start July or August?
  • I think my notification from Peter Nyssen comes in around June/July. Of course, I don't act straight away, but if you want specials or things that are limited supply it's best to order them then. They don't ship until late summer.
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