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Hi, I’m  looking for recommendations for gardening boots. I want some slip-on, waterproof, ankle height boots size 6. Not fussed about colurs. Have been searching for ages & get put off by reviews!
Thanks in advance for help.


  • SydRoySydRoy Posts: 167'll probably get as many recommendations as there are stars in the sky. 
    All I can do is suggest what I wear which is a pair of Dickies steel toe cap slip on ankle boots. They're comfy, well worn in and have lasted quite a while.
    Try Screwfix or Toolstation, they have quite a good range. (You didn't say if it's a men's or ladies size 6).
    Even my local Asda has a small range of work boots- good enough for pottering around the garden I would have thought.
  • Hmm, yes, thought of those. Are they flexible with steel toe cap ( thinking of when foot is bent ) Will be wearing most days, more than just pottering. Need good pair of sturdy boots. Local builder friend suggested them.
  • SydRoySydRoy Posts: 167
    Yes, you sort of forget the steel toe cap is there to be honest. I have some good quality insoles in them to soak up moisture and keep my feet warm plus hard wearing "work socks".
  • Thanks for your help. 
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,462
    If you need an alternative, I find Tooled-Up of Enfield have always produced an excellent range of all products, including clothing and footwear, with a good quick delivery record too.
  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671
    Muck ankle boot great comfy and waterproof from the original muck boot company.
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