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Help! Butternut squash blotchy ?black rot

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Hi All,

we are pretty new to the whole allotment game and have grown some squash for the first time. We noticed that the leaves of our squash started to die back at the end of August and naively thought it was due to the falling temperatures at the time. Anyway, we decided to pick a butternut squash which looked fine but since bring it home only 24hrs later it has a sort of blotchy rust markings on it. My worry from reading is that it may be black rot. 
Luckily the Kuri squash grown nearby seems to be unaffected. 

Does anyone have advice on what to do next?
should we pick the rest?
are they still edible if the affected area is cut off? (The other side that you cannot see In The picture is unaffected)  

thank you in advance for any advice.
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