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Passion flower

Hi all, I have two passion flower plants growing either end of my garage, they were planted last year and have grown to the point where they have now met in the middle of the garage.
One of them has begun to lose leaves begining at the bottom and slowly moving up and along the plant. The leaves that remain are turning lighter in colour.
The other plant has retained all its leaves and they are a dark green.
Is this normal or do I have a problem with one of the plants ?
I will add a couple of photos when I can work out how to resize them.


  • Some photos would help narrow it down a bit, but to get us started:

    Are they in pots or in the ground?
    Are they facing the same direction, and are they in the same conditions (is one more exposed to cold or wind than the other)?
    When the leaves are lost, have they turned yellow or are they still green?

  • Thanks for the reply.
    I guess the leaves are yellowing, they are certainly getting a lot lighter before they drop.
    Both plants are in the ground and on the same side of the garage, not in direct sunlight.
    The side of the garage is facing north west.
  • AstroAstro Posts: 252
    I have passion flower and leaves do yellow, some remain green. To my mind your yellowing plant will be ok.

    It could just be a slight difference between the plants, or the conditions may be different even though they are only either side of the garage. 
  • Hmm I'm not sure but based on the photo and their location I'd say it's because the plant isn't getting full sun, it's also getting colder and perhaps it's a bit exposed. As @Astro says, the conditions can vary even at either end of a garage. Passion flowers will drop leaves, mine are losing a few per week now I think. But generally if you train them in a repeated S shape like a snake, they will throw off a lot more side shoots and bushy new growth which stays green and in turn will give you lots more flowers.
  • Thanks for the replies, hopefully it's nothing to worry about.
    I did previously have one in the same place that died but I am sure that was infected with something by a honeysuckle next to it. Both were removed a while back and the two passion flower plants have been grown from seed from the dead one.
  • A quick update, it looks as though nearly all the leaves have now withered, I have a couple of photos of the same area in the previous photos.
    The dying plant is the on the right end of the garage.
  • Passiflora do best in sun and Honeysuckle in shade.  Maybe remove the unhappy P and plant something more suitable in it's place ?
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