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How to garden if you can't garden

This is my younger son's story, rather than mine. He has an incurable neurological condition, which means he can't do physical work. Every time he come to see us, he says, " I wish I had your lovely garden."
I said to him, " Why don't you go round and take some photographs of gardens that you like." Just say, " You have a lovely garden. Do you mind if I take some photos of it?" Nearly everyone said he could. He has now has over two thousand photographs and has made very many friends. He knows more about plants than I do.


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    What a lovely idea of yours and well done to your son to take you up on the idea. He will have a wonderful hobby now which will hopefully bring him many years of enjoyment. Could he plant something in a pot at his home? Or an indoor plant if he has no outside space? Perhaps he could start a diary / notebook about his knowledge and will give him something to refer to in the future.?
  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 3,114
    @Inglezinho thank you for sharing your sons lovely story. 
    You might want to show him the garden gallery thread on this forum.  I'm sure he would enjoy it and could probably help with identifying some plants too  :)
  • tuikowhai34tuikowhai34 Béziers, Herault, FrancePosts: 480
    @Inglezinho   What a great idea your son had!!  I would say "yes" too, if he asked me.   He could put some of his favourite photos on this site.  We are all curious about how other people design their gardens in the spaces they have got.  

    Keep up the good work.
    Kisses to your son. XXX  <3
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    There is a lot of advice and inspiration on terrarium gardening on this site, plus some beautiful images too.

    Beth is a National Collection holder for miniature orchids and she has lots of advice for both experienced gardeners and beginners. Maybe your son could marry his love of photography with indoor gardening, just as Beth has?
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    The joy of gardening takes many forms..
  • Thinking about those air plants on Gardeners' World a couple of weeks ago - they would be very easy to care for and fun to grow.
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    oh, this made me misty-eyed.

  • Excellent story.

    All we need now are some photographs  :)
    Not really an Acacia Avenue kind of guy.
  • There is a very happy ending to this story, which I was only able to complete today. One of the gardens my son photographed, turned out to be of the manager of a local horticultural company. He said they were thinking of starting a helpline. To cut a long story short, he gave Greg the job, which he said he could do from home!
    Second, he photographed the garden of a young lady, who had separated from her partner a few months ago. She said, " I don't mind looking after the garden.I just wish I had someone to share it with." They are due to be married next month...
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    What a lovely outcome. I hope all continues to go well for him. 
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