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Rosa"New Dawn" blooms blowing after 1 or 2 days

Planted a rose "new dawn" last November in 100 litre pot on a north west facing wall. It's grown really well to about 8 ft already this year, only thing is when it does bloom they only last a day or two, 3 if i'm lucky. Is this just a habit of this variety or maybe because of it's young age? ... any advice greatly received.... 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 33,145
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    It's often the case that in long dry spells, buds on many flowering plants simply can't get enough moisture to fully open and sustain them properly. Sometimes, that damage happens much earlier than it would appear too, because it happens when the buds are being formed. When they're in pots, it's even harder to keep them well hydrated, and climbers, in particular, can struggle. That may be the reason   :)

    I don't grow roses, although I did have that one in a previous garden. I don't remember it being difficult in any way though. I don't grow climbers in pots either though, unless they're suitable . 
    I'm also not sure what size of container is 100 litres. How many inches/cms is it? I don't think that's very big.
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  • Hi thanks for the reply, it's not that the flowers don't form at all , they do but when the blooms emerge they look great for 2 days then drop to pieces. I have to grow in pots as it's a courtyard type of affair. The pot it is in is huge and i used a good john innes no3 so I doubt it is that, especially as it still only its first year of growing......
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 33,145
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    No - I meant that when a plant is forming it's buds - which can be along time before you actually see them, lack of moisture will prevent them performing as they should .  :)
    I just did some calculating - 100 litres is only around 50 cm pot size. Not very big really.
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  • now i understand what you mean by the buds, as for the pot its as big as i could fit in the space so we'lll just have to see over time, the only bigger i could find was still only 125 litres ...
  • Hi - I don't know this particular variety, but some roses just don't have long-lasting blooms, especially the single or semi-double ones. The varieties with big full blooms tend to last longer.
  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,282
    I would consider 100l pot big enough for at least for 3 years (that's 60x50cm straight pot or bigger if tapered). At least here, a pot like that with a young rose would stay moist for a long time so I don't think hydration is the problem. It is probably too small long term but there shouldn't be any problems now, the rose roots haven't filled most of that pot yet.
    It can get better with age but I would say it's the variety.

  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 3,864
    ...the blooms on New Dawn are quite long lasting actually, so something not quite right there with your rose...although you should be pleased to get blooms in the first year..

    ...please show a photo so we can tell if you have the correct variety, mistakes often occur in the rose world I'm afraid..  also to get some idea of how it's being cultivated...
    ...without photos we can see nothing... 

  • will try to post a pic in the morning ...its a bit dark outside now!
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 544
    I've got this rose bought bare rooted and planted in November too. It is in its third summer. Year 1 I very nearly got in touch with David Austin to report it as a failure as it hardly grew anything, canes or flowers, but in year 2 it grew quite well, putting on a lot of growth and flowering was improved. This year is year 3 and it has been magnificent and is in its second flush. The flowers aren't particularly long lasting but there's so many it isn't an issue really and the perfume is much better than the catalogue suggested. It takes time to get going and might just be concentrating on growing roots this year, so don't despair!
  • That's what I thought (hoped) might be the case. I got mine bare root from Trevor White roses, although after some comments I'm a bit worried the pot is to small now and repotting it now is just going to be right headache ... will try to post pic today
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