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Rose 'Spanish Beauty'

i have a beautiful rose 'Spanish Beauty' which i have  had advice about previously. I have tied the branches horizontally as advised and it looks much better so i look forward to next year hoping for better display. I have now noticed a long stem coming from the bottom of the plant. It is a light green with 5 leaves. I feel it is a sucker but recall my Dad telling me suckers have 7 leaves! It is a long upright stem. Not noticed earlier as it was hidden by another plant. Should i remove this?


  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,818
    If it is coming from under the graft -> sucker, if it is coming from the graft -> a nice new basal cane. If you are not sure, post a photo here. But 5 leaflets sound like not a sucker.
  • Are the leaves noticeably lighter green than the rest of the plant? If so, it could well be a sucker. If you do decide that it is, you'll want to prune it right out to the point where it emerges from the main stem. But waiting until you're certain is usually best, because older roses often do send up new shoots from the base, especially if thoroughly pruned. I know your variety as 'Mme Grégoire Staechelin' and she is a real beauty.

    General advice for planting roses is always to ensure the graft union is a couple of inches below soil level--that inhibits suckers. But it sounds as if this is an 'inherited' rose...
  • edhelka. Thank you. i will check the graft level tomorrow. Thank you
     Cambridgerose12 Thank you also. The leaves  and the stem are both pale green compared to the remainder of the plant. I inherited it about  3 years ago when it flowered the following year. I were so excited when i saw the beautiful flowers. I just love it and want to keep it going and flourish as much as i can.
    I have noticed  today another rose i have 'Prince William' rose has grown quite tall (6ft)with second flush of flowers and they have grown on a stem similar to the one above, same pale green stem and extremely straight and tall, a mystery with my roses. Love gardening, and learning so much, but you may have gathered my knowledge is limited but i am a trier .
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