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Should I prune these plants now?

I have a rockery of sorts and it’s looking messy. Should I prune these plants to tidy them up or will that make things look worse? I’m not exactly sure what the plants are as I inherited them. Thanks in advance. 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,963
    Yes, cut off the dead flowers and clip the plants so they look neat, but not into old wood as Philippa has said. The grey looking leaved ones look like Santolina and/or lavender, but it is hard to say without a close up. The middle one looks like Marjoram. Were the flowers purple and are the leaves herby scented?
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  • I think you’re right, they are santolina. I checked online and they had exactly those yellow flowers. 
    The marjoram(?) flowers were purple and I would say the leaves do smell herby. Can I presume it’s marjoram then and cook with it or could it be something inedible?
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