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Prune partial tip bearing apple tree that is trained as a stepover espalier

Can anyone give guidance for how to prune a partial tip bearing apple tree that is trained as a stepover espalier? I have planted several varieties, all bought already trained as stepovers. Pruning all except the early Worcester, which is partial tip bearing, looks straightforward but I can't find any pruning advice on the early Worcester as an espalier. Thanks


  • It would be very unusual and founder productive to train a tlp bearer as an espalier as to do that involves removing the tips ... I can’t think of a way to prune it without accepting you’re going to get few ideas any fruit. If that’s what you want then simply prune it the same as the others. 
    I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful ... hopefully someone else can make a better suggestion ... 

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  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,761
    I read somewhere recently that partial tip bearers will convert to spur bearing if pruned. You might not get the same amount of fruit though.
  • Thanks. I have found this on theNatural England website:
    "Partial tip bearers Some spur-bearing varieties are also partial tip bearers, producing fruit buds near the tips of one-year old wood in addition to spurs on older wood. These include Bramley's Seedling, Blenheim Orange, Discovery, Epicure and Lord Lambourne. These varieties can be pruned using the spur pruning method, but care must be taken not to remove too many spurs or fruit buds."

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