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Autumn raspberries.

I cannot understand the reasoning for cutting down autumn raspberries during the winter. In my experience, I leave the canes after fruiting. A few will be dead in the spring, but the vast majority will start to shoot and will produce a good crop of fruit before the summer raspberries come into fruit. While this is happening the new canes will have been growing and will produce fruit as expected in the autumn. The canes which produced the early crop should be cut down when they have finished fruiting, to give the new canes more room.  I thus have fruit throughout the summer and well into the autumn.


  • Yes, that is one way of growing them and is a good one for extending the season but the autumn crop is usually very much reduced compared to cutting them back.  Basically, if you want to harvest a large amount of fruit at one time (eg for making jam etc.), then they are better cut back in Feb.
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