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Hi all. I’m planning to buy a greenhouse and have found a few wooden ones that I like (swallow, clear view, Lanarkshire etc). However, some of them have wood panelling around the bottom two feet, or a dwarf wall, whereas others are glass all
the way down.  Apart from price and looks, does this make any difference to the use of the greenhouse? Are there benefits or disadvantages to having panelling or a dwarf wall? Thanks for any help. 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,165
    Glass to ground is useful if you want to grow things such as tomatoes where you need as much light as possible, but I would imagine it costs more to heat if you plan to keep it frost free (although it is possible to section it off).
    Personally I prefer a panelled greenhouse as it can hide a multitude of sins such as compost bags,  watering cans, etc.
    If the greenhouse is on view from the house, you may prefer a panelled one for the reasons mentioned above, but a lot is down to aesthetics and your personal taste.
  • Thanks for that Anni. You’ve given me some things worth thinking about. 
  • Surprisingly the paneled greenhouses cost much more, the brick raised greenhouse obviously incur much greater costs to build the walls 
  • I’d noticed that wilderbeast. I thought it was strange too so wondered if there were benefits to paying the extra other than aesthetics ones.   
  • It's down to production costs increasing as they sell smaller numbers, and specifically the glass costs more as they only buy small batches of it 
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