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When is the best time to divide or pot up these plants?

I am thinning out my long cottage garden border to donate plants to my daughter and wonder if now is a good time to either (a) divide or (b) pot-up the following for re-planting later, and if not now when is it best to do so?  Sorry for the long list!

Verbena Bonariensis
Astrantia Major
Persicaria Bistorta and Firetail
Geranium Nodosum and Anne Folkard
Alliums (would like to move these)
Erigeron Karvinskianus
Thalictrum Black Stockings
Toad Lily
Alchemilla Mollis
Erysimum Bowles Mauve


  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 2,297
    @Acuwell That is rather a long list! You haven't had a reply maybe because it is rather overwhelming for anyone to consider giving an answer for each plant. You could start another thread with just a few of them and then when you have answers start another thread. You never know someone may be prepared to give answers to the above and some of them could be grouped with the same instructions. Good luck  :)
  • Oh dear, thank you!  Not really used to these forums and how they work
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