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I'm thinking of buying a wooden greenhouse; some thing that will provide a feature too as we have no corner to tuck the greenhouse away.  I'm considering either an Alton or a Swalllow which seems to be cheaper but I have not managed to see one in the flesh. 

I wondered if anyone had experience of either of these two makes or could recommend an alternative ?  
Thanks for your help :-)


  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,283
    My Cultivar greenhouse is a combination of wood and aluminium. I’m delighted with it.

    Rutland, England
  • Wow that's beautiful.  I think more pennies will need to be saved however :-(
  • koyukanokoyukano Posts: 72
    edited September 2020
    Mine is more of cheap metal and glass sort!  :D

    Mine was in place when we bought the property, I'd just say get one that will be big enough for your needs as the main priority. 

    That is one beautiful looking greenhouse though Ben! 
  • We've recently bought a elite greenhouse, however we looked at all sorts including the swallow range. What put me off was 1. The up keep of wood (I am a time served joiner so have a good idea about this) 2. The doors opened into the greenhouse, this takes up a lot of space and made it awkward to work in the space. 3. The way glass was fitted made changing a broken pane of glass a real challenge. 4. The sallows we saw in greenhouse show area wood an oiled finish which we wanted cand had missed 1 year of oiling and looked very washed out in colour. The sales rep even mentioned it 

    We went with aluminium in the end, top end job with powder coating, fancy cresting on top, all automatic vent openers and zero maintenance apart from cleaning. It worked out as £1000 saving over the matching swallow. It will be on full show from the house and all our seating areas but I'm sure it will look great
  • thanks for the info - very helpful. I’m going to have a look at the aluminium ones today 
  • This is mine it’s an Elite Titan installed last year 12 x10. We love it both for growing and sitting out in. 

    Saltaire, West Yorkshire
  • Maybe a bit late but... A couple of years ago we bought a Palram Harmony 6x6 aluminium greenhouse. The polycarbonate panels are great when your garden also doubles up as either Bramall Lane or Headingley cricket ground! I don't think that polycarbonate are as efficient as glass though. 

    Even though it's quite well sheltered from prevailing winds, Storm Ciara really did do a number on it in February - I woke up to find two side panels blown through and the roof section trying to imitate a kite! I was able to dismantle it and put it back together, but not sure how well it would withstand another storm this winter. Being so lightweight, and the flexible panels, are issues with it. 

    Maybe also consider headroom. I'm nearly 6' 4'' so I made a base from sleepers to add nearly a foot of height, which makes it's roomier and also gives the cordon tomatoes a bit more space too. Has created a bit of a trip hazard though! 

    I'm a novice gardener, but already found the 6x6 is getting small. I like the idea of a bigger, wooden framed greenhouse, but cost and maintenance put me off a little, and not sure if my DIY skills are up to making one myself. 
  • Ben your greenhouse is beautiful.  How many pounds are we looking at?
  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,283
    Thank you James. Including shelving and erection, but not base preparation, it was about £7000. I can’t remember exactly.
    Rutland, England
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