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Can multipurpose compost be used for re-potting house plants and does the new pot require stones etc at the bottom of pot like you would for outdoor plants?



  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    I've always used houseplants compost  but as long as you feed no reason why not. Probably the same stuff sold in smaller bags anyway.
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  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,369
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    I like to water from below with houseplants so stones in the base of pots can be a problem for that and I avoid them. I still use a wide crock across the main hole in the base just because it makes repotting easier if you can push against it to lift the plant out. That's not needed in plastic pots though. If you have a big pot and don't want to fill it fully with soil then polystyrene blocks or old wine corks work just as well as stones and makes the pot much lighter.
    Compost choice really depends on the plant though and how good you are with watering. Peat-free multi-purpose works fine for most of my plants but I'll add JI No3 if the plant likes to remain moist. Succulents get JI No2 mixed with some kind of grit.
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  • Multipurpose compost should be fine. If you're repotting and you think that the soil is too heavy, try adding some coarse grit or organic matter to help improve drainage / water retention. That should help with needing stones in the pot. As long as the drainage is good and like @wild edges said, if you're good with your watering can you shouldn't run into any issues.  :)
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