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Salvia Amistad issue

i have a Salvia Amistad, bought last year at  a show. It is beautiful, but has outgrown its space. i planted against a south west facing wall, but  would like to move it to  the opposite side of our small town garden .When would be the best time to do this ,if it is the right thing to do   


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 25,361
    edited September 2020
    Not convinced it will be happy on the other side because of the changes in light and rain levels and you should know that Salvia Amistad is prone to frost damage and may well be cut back by cold weather and be considerably smaller next spring once you prune out the winter damage.   

    Autumn is generally the best time to move plants, after they have dropped their leaves or, if evergreen, gone into relative dormancy.   The soil is still warm so the roots can grow again and recover and there is usually plenty of rainfall.

    Water the plant well first and let it soak in so that when you dig it out the root ball has minimum disturbance.   Have the new planting hole already prepared and the soil improved with good, well-rotted garden compost and/or manure.  Plant at the same level as it was before and water well.   Keep it watered if you have a warm, dry period after transplanting.
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  • Thank you Obelixx. That was my concern as to whether it wouldn't do as well. I will be bear that in mind before making my decision
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 3,694
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    I would leave it until you see new growth. I think if you move it now the disturbed roots may be more susceptible to frost and wet over winter. Don't cut the top growth back, it provides some protection. 
  • Depending on where you live they are not always totally hardy.  When I do this, I quickly pot up the plant to be moved, give it winter shelter if needed, and re-pot next spring
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 36,268
    Salvias are very iffy here, in general, but I'd agree with @Obelixx that it doesn't sound ideal for the intended new site. 
    Moving plants of any kind largely depends on location/climate. I'm more inclined to move stuff at this time of year rather than spring, because it takes so long for ground to warm up then, but some plants do better moved in spring, especially if they're getting split.
    Depends how keen you are to get it out of the site it's in too. If you needed the new space for a plant right now, you could always pot the salvia up and overwinter with some shelter, and take cuttings if possible as backup.   :)
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  • Thank you  Fairygirl for that. I will probably do that( Pot it up).and take  cuttings.I had taken 2 cutting  and gave them to friends but will take more as they are quite easy to grow. 
  • Nanny Beech thank you, i think thats the way to go same advise as Fairygirl gave. Much appreciated
  • Loxley thank you for that. Good information to consider .Much appreciated
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