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rhodocoma Browning

Hello all
I’m after some advice if I may. Pictured I’ve got a rhodocoma in a pot. The pot gets full sun and sea air exposure. I’ve just returned after 6 weeks away from this holiday home to find it in this condition. It has had a drip feed irrigation on but perhaps not enough. 

Firstly, is it worth having this plant in a fun sun pot where I’m frequently away so can’t care for it? Garden centre said it would be good for this but I’m not sure. 

Secondly, assuming I keep it for now at least, do I cut it back or leave the brown foliage to fall off naturally ? 

Any thoughts welcome! 
Location is coastal south Cornwall if that’s of help. 


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,010
    Most of the 'Restios' can tolerate drought and like you surmise , maybe the drip feed wasn't quite  enough .
    Looking at its condition now I'd be inclined to cut it back and hope for the best .
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