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Figs stopped growing

Can anyone help?

ive got a 4/5 year old fig tree that every year produces loads of figs but they seem to get to a stage and then stop growing.

They stay get to a size and then don’t grow any bigger.
When This happened Last year too.
i posted in June this year about them not growing and nothing really ha changed, they have stayed almost the same size.
i have thinned out that crop reducing it to 10 fruit but nothing more has happened. 
They’re also showing no signs of shanking colour. 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,583
    It's something that happens to a lot of fig trees as ripening depends on the weather. Some people are lucky enough to live in areas where figs will ripen readily and the rest of us have to cheat nature by growing the things in a greenhouse. One of my fig trees is smothered in fruits this year but none of them will ripen unless we get a very long, hot Indian summer. I take cuttings and grow them in the greenhouse and that just about ensures a few luscious, ripe fruits. Once the greenhouse plants get a bit woody, they can go outside as ornamental pot plants or be passed on to other enthusiasts. Cuttings root easily so you can always have a couple of figs on the go in the greenhouse. I was lucky enough to get one ripe fig outside this's a rare occurence.
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