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Cucumber 'cuttings'

I am new to growing cucumbers and, apart from late planting, let the cucumber plants run 'wild' 😳 . When I realised they should be staked, I found that one had rooted. I tried to sort the problem by cutting back the side shoots and decided that the rooted plant 'had to go' ... rather than discard it I decided to replant it into another raised bed ... it has continued to grow and the plant seems to be thriving! Is this a way to propagate cucumber plants? 


  • pinutpinut Posts: 29
    This behaviour is quite common in the cucurbit family.

    Record breaking pumpkin and marrow growers often mound soil over leaf nodes along the main and secondary vines to increase water and nutrient uptake in the plant.

    The reason it is not often used as a method of propagation is to do with timing for a relatively short growing season. It takes too much time to establish a layered cutting (cucurbits do not like root disturbance) for it to be productive.

  • Thank you!
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