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Borage baby plants

Hi, I am seeing lots of borage baby plants in my garden now, where I had a big borage plant this summer. Big borage plant  had produced lots of seeds. My question is, will these borage baby plants now survive the winter? If not how to protect them please?


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
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    Once you plant borage you will never be without it! Your seedlings will probably survive without doing anything but if they don't there will be seed which will grow next year. I weed lots out of my garden but there's always some left behind. I moved a small shrub earlier in the summer and the disturbed soil is covered with new seedlings. They are easy to weed out and can go on the compost heap. 
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  • Once you get Borage its there to stay! Don't try to keep the seedlings; new ones will come each year - all over the place! You can easily transplant them or pull out for compost bin. I'm always proud to see babies from my front garden sprouting up right down the street!!
  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,678
    You can also eat them, when they are tiny before they get their first hairy true leaves they make a lovely salad addition. and if you are like me and get a carpet of the things under every old plant.. there's easily enough to make a full meal!
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Borage is a herb and was my reason for planting it in the first place. It has the flavour of cucumber and can be used in a salad even when mature. My main use is in Pimms. The flowers are particularly pretty as decoration. Just remove the hairy calyx. Star flower oil is made from borage. You only have to look at the flowers to understand why.
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