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Hydrangea Runaway Bride - propagation

GranniegardenerGranniegardener KentPosts: 26
I bought one of these this summer, 9cm pot. Its growing really well in a large pot. I know I won't get flowers this year so I have decided to take cuttings. They don't seem to be rooting as easily as other hydrangeas. Is it too late in the year? Am I doing something else wrong? (I have been unsuccessful with climbing hydrangeas in the past). I would be grateful for any advice.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 34,041
    Far too small to take cuttings from if it's only recently been in a 3 inch pot.
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  • GranniegardenerGranniegardener KentPosts: 26
    Oops, silly me, it wasn't that small a pot, more like 15cm. Its grown really well and is filling a 30cm pot fast.

    What I really wanted to know if it needs any special propagation techniques. Its quite new on the market and I can't find much info. It's listed on RHS website, but I prefer to get advice from yer common or garden gardeners (as it were) as that's more to my liking   :)
  • I appear to have one cutting rooting (well it's not keeled over yet), and possibly the little stump next to it is alive.
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