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Scabby apples

Our cooking apples (mostly Bramleys) are not so good this year.  Some have these brown marks on them and others are turning brown inside and out overnight.  What is causing it?  We don't spray our trees, just give them a good manure mulch over the winter.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,782
    Sounds like a couple of common problems, Apple Scab and if the ones which turn brown have white spots on the brown parts, Brown Rot.  I've seen a lot more of both this year so the weather has undoubtedly played a part, with drought stressing the trees and humid conditions being perfect for the fungal spores to 'take' when they fall on leaves and fruit.  While the scabby apples can still be used after peeling, it's crucial to quickly remove any fruit affected by Brown Rot (whether on the tree or ground) and throw in the black bin (don't compost.)  Similarly, dispose of fallen leaves at the end of the year before you put down the mulch to reduce the number of spores arising from them in the spring.  
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  • Thanks Bob, your advice has been very helpful.  Yes, you are right that the apple scab once peeled was a perfect apple inside. We have never had either Apple Scab or Brown Rot to such a degree in earlier years.
  • My Bramley Apple tree has had a very bad attack of apple maggots 😢 does anyone know the best treatment so the problem doesn’t come back next year please, it’s such a beautiful tree and it seems a shame 
    any advice would be gratefully received 
    thank you 👋🏻🍏

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