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Can hydrangea 'Annabelle' Survive in Full Sun All Day?


I bought a Hydrangea 'Annabelle' to fill an awkward triangular spot in my front garden. The spot is south facing in full sun all day long. The ground is naturally dry because of its position. (Although I am finally going to be soil improving this autumn - late to the party!).

Anyway, I have been told NOT to place the Annabelle in full sun (by an experienced gardener), with dry soil because it will hate it. I am confused because I have looked online and all sites I have come across suggest that it is fine in full sun. Although they do say moist soil. How do I get round that? Water it and mulch to keep roots happy? I can always plant in back garden with more shade so its the not the end of the world...

I do have another couple of Hydrangeas in the front garden.  I have a Lace-cap which is absolutely fine with these conditions and is growing great guns and its well established probably about 5 years old. I do have a new Tiffany which is not doing so well and I am not sure its because its young and in shock from its new conditions or whether it too doesn't like full sun. 

Any advice please?

Thanks 🌻


  • newbie77newbie77 Posts: 1,825
    I had it in full sun in my previous garden. The flowers and foliage tolerate the sun but i had to be very vigilant about watering. If i missed it would go all droopy and sad.
    In my new garden i have it in shade and it has grown better and looks lush. I don't need to keep checking on watering.
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    Not ideal, but the worst that will happen is it will collapse a bit and look sad, in which case you can always move it. I think they are fine in full sun given a moist soil, and will cope with dryer soil given a little shade. It would be a lot easier to plant something that actually like the drier conditions than having to constantly water IMO.
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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,863
    full sun is fine( mine is ) but they don't like dry soil
  • Many newer varieties are better for such an expose site...but since you have it, plant it and be consistent with watering and mulching. 
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  • I have this shrub growing in full sun and it is fine.  After several weeks without rain this summer it started to droop a bit but it is the first time this has happened.  When I bought Annabelle some 30+ years ago (I think from Blooms of Bressingham) the information stated "best in full sun with good feeding" and I have followed that advice.  An annual top-dressing of compost or manure suits it and I cut it down in the spring for bigger leaves and flowers (and to keep it a reasonable height).  It has also been divided a few times and I have a new plant growing in a very dry, south-facing sunny spot which has survived pretty well so far this year.  I would not normally grow Hydrangeas iin sun but this one does not seem to mind at all...I suspect it would be quite difficult to kill, in fact!  If your plant is growing in very poor, shallow soil I might consider digging it up in the Autumn and replanting with plenty of moisture-holding material such as garden compost or manure, following by a thorough watering and a similar mulch to keep it moist. 
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