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I’m new to this forum. Next year I am moving to a new house in a half acre plot and will have to establish a new garden therefore I am likely to be asking a lot of questions!
My current concern is about the correct method and timing of moving-
a rose bush
a clump of primroses
daffodil bulbs
These plants have sentimental value and I would hope to take them with me but worried that I might harm them by lifting at the wrong time.
Depending on when I move I may need to lift them and store them in pots.
Will very much appreciate any advice.
Thank you in anticipation.


  • Thank you for reply. I think I will still be here next spring and hopefully be moving next summer. Not sure if I will have time to get garden organised as soon as I move therefore wonder if the bulbs and the plants can remain in tubs for any length of time?
  • Very helpful thank you.
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