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Container gardening

Hi could someone please advise , I’m very new to gardening especially planting vegetables. I have a small garden and I decided to go down the route of doing container gardening . 
I then went to  large diy place and purchased lots of large plastic containers to grow my vegetables in . 
They seem to be thriving , Brussels ,broccoli, carrots etc . 
Yesterday I heard  that I should of made sure that the plastic container was  food safe.  Call me a naive gardener but this never entered my head.
Do all of these have to be thrown away now ? and could anyone advise me on where to get food safe plastic containers from .
Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice would be appreciated 


  • I wouldn't worry, most plastic pots you can buy are made of polypropylene which is used for food packaging too. I'd worry only if you'd repurposed a tyre or some container that was not meant to be used for growing and has the potential to degrade. 
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