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New Rose garden

Hiya all,
Not been in here for a while, I've been thinking...
I want to turn this bed into a rose garden by next year, and am currently planning it and considering the various tasks and timing to do so.
(Photo is from earlier in year but shows layout quite well)

What I am thinking is to raise the front creating a level(ish), but more importantly, deeper bed in which to plant a number of bush type roses and underplanting (which may come from reuse of current plants many of which are low ground cover anyway), the bed is South facing and gets sun for most of the year (shaded by house from Nov - Feb) and is about 8m2 in a sort of 1/2 bow tie shape and will remain about same size and shape.
I figure I can conservatively get 6-8 Roses into it together with underplanting? or will this overcrowd them? 
Behind the bed I want to construct a pergola over existing steps to screen the garage, This will be East facing and I plan to grow a climber up one leg and to form a canopy and perhaps 2 other small climbers up remaining 2 legs (up to about 2.4m)
I haven't really considered which Roses yet, other than Blue Moon (which was Gran's favourite rose) and Mrs P likes White (perhaps for the climber) and pale colour Roses (I'm thinking pale yellows or apricot to complement BM's lilac). The main requirement for will be fragrance. So I'm open to any suggestions.
So that's the basic plan. Lots of work to do between now and spring.
First task is timing the removal and relocation of the current plants, the majority of which I am hoping to salvage and move in the Autumn if this is appropriate for them, otherwise I'll leave some till Spring. Any guidance on the following is welcome and appreciated
The current inhabitants are:
Stipa Tenuissima (I intend to create a separate grass island for these in another part of the garden)
Ajuga (retain as underplanting/cover)
Allium Cristophii & Nigrum 
Alyssum Saxatile
Anenome Japonica
Cerastium (may retain as cover)
Filipendula Vulgaris
Lavender (retain a underplanting)
Panicum Virgatum Phlox subalata
London Pride
Sedum Rupestre
Apologies for a rambling post, but thanks for reading for those who stayed until the end.
Any comments on any aspect of this basic plan to assist me to develop and finalise the project more than welcome.
I am hoping that I can keep returning this thread to update as project progresses

Just another day at the plant...


  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,350
    That sounds truly exciting, I think your bed is perfect for roses.
    6-8 roses sounds good, depending on where do you want your climbers and how many companion plants do you want there. You could do slightly more or less, depending on the chosen roses and the look you want.
    You can plant bare-root roses anytime between late October and early April so you can be flexible with your timing.
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    Thanks @edhelka, for the vote of confidence in my basic idea.
    The bed will hold all bush Roses, save for one small climber which I would like to train up what will be the top end post of the pergola (roughly behind the Cordyline where the vinca is on this pic)
    The climber I intend to plant into a pocket to grow up the bottom post where the potted fuchsia currently sits.
    I like to see lush full borders.


    Just another day at the plant...
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any views on relocation of the above plants?
    I am presuming that most (many being spring flowering) will be fine to relocate in Autumn?
    But what about the grasses, (Stipa Tenuissima & Panicum)? Whilst I would prefer to move them in Autumn, I seem to recall reading somewhere that these should be moved in Spring.
    Appreciate your thoughts. 
    Just another day at the plant...
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    I moved a miscanthus in Autumn last year and it has spent most of this year sulking but it's still alive.
    Stipa self seeds so readily are there any babies you can pot up?
    Being impatient I would dig up the grasses and pot them up and replant out next year but smaller plants I would certainly move now.
    I am rearranging my borders and it's really hard to wait until Autumn to move  shrubs and clematis, in fact I gave in and dug up a bamboo earlier in the month and potted that up.

  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    Thanks for your comment @K67
    I usually tend to just get on and move things as the need to do so arises without being too precious about it.
    In this case, I think I will follow the guidance and plan around spring. It will give me time to prepare the area for my grass island over winter also.

    Just another day at the plant...
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    Some progress on this project at last, now that spring is sort of sprung I can get on with deconstructing this bed now.

    A few of the plants I relocated last autumn but my main interest was salvaging my grasses which are now relocated, together with some of the rocks to a new grass border

    I know it looks a bit currant bun ish, but the rocks are only being stored here temporarily and they may help keep cats off whilst the island establishes itself...
    Just another day at the plant...
  • Looking forward to seeing the rose border as it develops, the new grass border looks lovely. 
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968

    Just another day at the plant...
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,109
    I love seeing photos of garden projects.

    Have you decided which roses yet? When will you be planting them? I didn't see your posts last August. I hope I don't miss your photos of the future rose bed planted up and flowering.

    If you like pale yellows, I bought a rose from Peter Beales Classic Roses last year, Grosvenor House. I saw it in their rose garden, it's gorgeous.
    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    Thanks for your comments @Lizzie27
    Oh my poor back !!
    The things we do for our art, I've definitely earned beers tonight.
    I have not fixed my plant list as yet and I'm keeping a close eye on reports on the rose thread and compiling a (long) short list of potential candidates to procure bare root at the end of the year.
    Colour wise I'm leaning toward whites, maybe Desdemona, pale orange / apricot, Lady Em / Lady of Shallot, possibly add yellows, and perhaps something in a complementary colour like lavender/purple. Fragrance will be the main requirement as this bed is adjacent our main sitting area.
    Now that I know what I am actually doing the bed will be a little larger than I had originally anticipated so I can get more roses into it... 
    Just another day at the plant...
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