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Meadow seed

Is it ok to sow, mixed meadow seed at this time of the year please. On the packet it days June.?


  • With the weather we have had you could give it a go but it does depend on where you are trying to sow the seeds.
    Can you wait until next year?
  • I love up north. Greater manchester. Though maybe I might just try a few, see how they go. Leave the rest in till next year. ? Thank you for your reply.
  • Perennial meadow or annual meadow mix?

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,690
    From Emorsgate seeds: 
    Seeds need both warmth and moisture to grow and may be sown at any time of year when these conditions are met.
    August-September and March-April usually produce the best conditions for sowing outside in most parts of the UK.  May to July sowings also work well in wetter western regions.  Late autumn sowings should be avoided on sites prone to water-logging in winter and late spring and summer sowings should be avoided on droughty sites.  Sowings into existing grass work best in autumn.
    Some plants need to be sown at particular times to fit in with their life cycles or biology. Cornfield Annuals need to be sown in the autumn or before May in the following spring to get a flowering display.  Yellow rattle must be sown in autumn.

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  • Thank you for your interesting suggestions.
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