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Clematis and bulbs

Kat1989Kat1989 Posts: 51
Hi everyone, 
I've got a clematis (2years old suited for containers)being delivered soon and I already have a lovely large pot for it. Whilst there won't be much happening over winter with the clematis, could I plant some bulbs and maybe some winter bedding like violas ? What do you think? 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,081
    As long as the bulbs are compatible in terms of food and water, it'll be fine, and most will be. 
    Some clematis like a drier root run, and some bulbs like some moisture, and vice versa, so just choose to suit both  :)
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  • Kat1989Kat1989 Posts: 51
    I was thinking of some dwarf daffs and iris. I'll check before buying thanks @Fairygirl
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