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Hello! I have some baby cacti and I'm a beginner. Can you please help me identify the following so that I can search for proper care for these babies? Thank you in advance.

This one (8) isn't looking well. The bottom part has discolored and I recently found a mouse bite on the upper part of the cactus.


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,338
    Welcome to the forum. All these have the same basic care requirements so can be treated as per any good cactus care guide. The one you have tied to a stick to keep it upright (No1) is actually a trailing type though so you can let it drape over the edge of the pot.
    It's hard to tell but your soil doesn't look ideal and you might want to get hold of some ready made cactus compost. Personally I prefer the look of gravel covering the soil but only consider that once you've got the hang of letting the soil dry out fully between waterings. If you're not sure the soil is dry it doesn't hurt to wait another week or so before watering again.
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    Thanks for telling me about the first one. My mom said to coarsely pound some charcoal to place on the bottom part of the pot, will it also help if I mix it with the soil I have for better drainage?
  • A nice begginer collection! I have many cacti in my collection and the smaller plants prefer and grow quicker in smaller pots. Make sure these are in the sunniest spot they can be and don't water excessively as they can die from root rot. The other thing that can help avoid the soil from staying wet for too long is by adding perlite to any soil mix as this will help with drainage. It can also pay to put a base covering of crocks in the bottom of your pots. Crocks are small pieces of stones or broken terracotta pots that aid drainage. Hope these care tips help! 
  • Thank you for the tips! I can't wait for these cacti to bloom flowers! It's already rainy season here in my country so I make sure to transfer them outside when it's not raining otherwise, I place them in a well lit area during the day.
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