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Suitable roses to grow in pots to climb up a trellis

Hi , 
I am putting up a new 6ft (h)x12ft (w)trellis and want to grow climbing roses up it as well as clematis .
I want to plant them in pots and would like advice as to what would be suitable . I realise the pots would need to be large for the roots of the roses .
Any advice welcomed . 

Thank you .


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Need more information on what colours you are thinking of to give any advice. Are you planning to plant clematis in a separate pot.
    I would have a look at David Austin and Trevor White website as they have good filters and also Taylors and Thorncroft websites for clematis but a lot of clematis are out of stock.
    Roses would be bare root so order for November to March delivery
  • Hi K67,
    Thanks for your reply .
    I was thinking of yellow and pink although I'm pretty much open to other colours. . I like The Pilgrim and Gertrude Jekell . I was just worried with drains next to the trellis it was better to put the roses inpots.
    The clematis I thought would be ok in the ground on the other side of the trellis. Those roots should be ok I'm hoping . I have some clematis in the garden , type 1 , I think which I generally cut back in early Feb before any shoots . Hope I'm doing that right! 
    I decided on roses as hopefully a deterrent to anyone burglars after an attempted break in . We're also putting a gate back and this will enclose the patio area .
    Thank you for the websites. 
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Well Gertrude is very thorny! It is a lovely fushia pink. I wouldn't think rose roots would damage drains and most roses and clematis do better in the ground.
    As an alternative you could plant Pyracantha, also very thorny, evergreen, blossom and either red, orange or yellow berries which feed the birds over winter. It grows fast but can be pruned.
    If you search on here for the roses you like there will be lots of helpful advice.
    As to your clematis it isn't a group 1 as if you cut it down you wouldn't get any flowers so more likely a group 3 but I leave mine till March but cut them down by about half in autumn as they look awful when dead.
  • Hi K67,
    Maybe I should look at Pyracantha as well.I'm just wondering if it's too thorny! I do enjoy seeing the birds coming in to the garden, although it seems to be only sparrows and robins  as the magpies seem to frighten a lot away.
    I might look at other roses as well as Gertrude if it's very thorny. I'm not generally a rose person as I hate thorns and apart from deadheading the few I've got they get left to their own devices and flower despite me! I did look at one of the other sites you recommended but some of the species/ types of roses were a mystery to me but the colours looked marvellous. I'll definitely look and do more research.
    Thank you again. 
  • I’d be interested in suggestions too.....I’d love some roses but they will have to be grown in pots due to lack of space for borders. I saw a beautiful hybrid tea called Ernest H Morse at a garden last week, could this be gown in a pot? Xx
  • @MontysGal I have a lot of roses in pots.  On the Beales site it says it is suitable for a pot (size is 3ft x 2ft).  I would go for a 50cm one if it's going to be in there permanently to give more room for the roots over time.
  • Hi, 
    Thanks for your reply. I have been looking at various pots and was thinking of that size as a minimum. Trouble is much bigger and they're horrendously expensive!
    I had toyed with getting a couple of large planters made up but was worried after a number of years the wood would rot.
    I'm hoping that after the summer prices may go down before I put in my order for bare root roses. 
    Its good to know yours are thriving in pots. Are any climbers? Just want something to grow up the 6ft trellis. 
  • Thank you so much for replying and the photos. 
    I was thinking of buying The Pilgrim but wasn't sure how it would survive in a pot. Yours looks lovely. It's the effect I'm hoping to achieve.
    I'm going to order some bare root roses and hopefully find some suitable pots before they arrive. 
    Thank you again. 

  • poppyfield64poppyfield64 Posts: 332
    edited August 2020
    I actually have 5 climbers in pots and they are doing fine.  Two have been potted for around 6 years now and I'm about to plant another in a pot.  The others were planted this season and I also have a lot of shrub roses in pots too.  Some will end up in the ground depending on how they do and if I like them enough in the long term.

    @Busy-Lizzie Your Pilgrim looks amazing.
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