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Unwell tree ?

We purchased a Amelanchier Lamarckism tree in May 2020 for £50.
It looks poorly and we have asked the Garden centre for advice which they have given and even offered a refund or exchange.But we do not want to give up of the tree !
It appears to been burnt? Any opinions ?🙈🤷🏼‍♂️


  • Is this on the lower leaves? Could it be that they got wet during watering and then they were scorched by the heat and hot, drying winds? I see your specimen has a lot of support. Does it keel over if just staked at the first third of the trunk above ground level? 
  • For that amount of money I would take the garden centres offer and either exchange it have a refund if they don't have another. You will probably have to take the plant back so that they can see it and your receipt.
    It is a lovely tree and worth growing but starting with one that is unhappy it could take a long time before you benefit from it.
  • The leaf damage is throughout the whole length but some branches are ok?
    The cream garden building is our neighbours and only been in place 6 weeks and we can have strong winds before it was in place.With it being a young tree the supports are lose and to keep the top in place.
    When I scratch its bark it is green * good.

    Returning it would not be my first choice in part because I feel the tree is reacting to ?
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