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Courgettes stopped producing - and do I take the tips off butternut squash?

Hi all

I've never grown either of these before and would love some advice. 

My first question is that my courgettes - I have two, each one in a large pot - seem to have stopped producing. They do seem to have put on some new growth now though and I've noticed one of them has a few tiny fruits. One plant had a thin pencil type one but I found that on the floor a couple of days ago. They were doing well until this and I've had about six or seven fruits but I was under the impression I'd be inundated. I'm watering them well and they're getting fed once a week. I did cut a few leaves off a little while ago as they'd gone all white and I thought it might be mildew (although nothing seems to come off when you rub it) so now I'm wondering if that's just what the older leaves look like and if I've accidentally stopped them producing? (I didn't take all the leaves off!)

The other question is about a butternut squash. I've got two, again each in a large pot (our soil is basically solid chalk so has to be pots) and they're monsters! Each one is at least 8 feet long! Rather taken over the patio! There are some tiny fruits forming but I'm just wondering if you are supposed to take the tips out to let it concentrate on the fruits rather than keep growing! 

Thanks so much!


  • Can you add some photos to assess better the situation? And the usual question comes up...your concept of what is a large pot maybe different from mine. What sizes are we talking about in litres of capacity or cm?
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  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 328
    I am having the same problem with the summer squash/patty pan I had two form then drop off.I have grown all my courgettes and squashes in old car tyres like I have done other years with a plastic bottle minus the bottom so I then know how much water and feed they are having per day.
  • maxijammaxijam Posts: 27
    Thanks everyone. I've taken the tops off the squash so hopefully it will concentrate on the fruit it has now rather than carrying on becoming a triffid!
    Will see how the courgettes do. They both have lots of new healthy growth so guess we shall see.
    I don't know what size the pots are in capacity but they were the biggest I had. And certainly took a lot of compost! The second one is in a very large trug that was beyond usefulness anymore so I taped it with gaffa tape, put holes in and used it as a planter instead. They've definitely seemed happy so far until this blip so we shall see if they do anything else. Fingers crossed! Thanks again. 
  • maxijammaxijam Posts: 27
    I've just found three very small courgettes that had formed on the floor and one of the butternut squashes too :(  They're getting plenty of water but I'm wondering if it's just too hot. We're west facing on the south coast and the temperatures have been mid thirties. I can't move them although they're partly under an awning at times. Supposed to cool down a bit tomorrow so I guess we shall see? 

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