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Suggestions for small climbers

Hello, I bought these two obelisks yesterday to add a little more height to a border. They're only about 120cm tall now they're in the ground. I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions for plants I could grow up them next year?

Obviously they'd need to stay quite small, or be able to be kept short with pruning. The plants around them are all yellow orange and red. 

They are in full sun and our garden is very windy, especially early in the year.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


  • Raymond Evison boulevard clematis would be the right size and produce loads of flowers BUT not sure how they would fair with wind! Might be worth researching.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,831
    We something similar, but the obelisks are in pots.  We have Ivy Golden Heart in them.  It will stay small if you prune it, the advantage is that it's every green.  
  • lily6lily6 Posts: 79
    If you're going down the clematis route I recommend Taylors Clematis, I bought 'Princess Diana' last month from them mail order. Excellent quality and already growing strongly, would be too tall for your spot but they have a good range of smaller varieties and I'm tempted!! 
  • Thank you all so far.

    I hadn't considered clematis as I thought it might be too hot at the base for their roots. People always say the roots need to be kept cool. Is that a bit of a myth? Or could I perhaps put a few inches of gravel down around them? 
  • Hi - according to the lovely experts on here, it's a myth. What they really need is moist roots - so if you are up for watering, it should be OK! I agree with @lily6 that Taylors are very good. They sell a very wide range (including the R Evison) and the web site allows you to refine a search based on aspect, size, colour, season etc.
  • Again thank you all. I've not bought plants online before. But if they come recommended I might actually give them a go. To be fair I do get a bit tired of seeing a lot of the same plants at garden centres. 
  • FlyDragonFlyDragon Posts: 834
    Thunbergia?  Annual but easy to grow, hardy, orange and will cover those obelisks pretty quickly each year. 
  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995
    I would go for a rose.. it's quite easy to pull on some gloves once a week and weave the new growth into the shape and prune off anything going in a poor direction.  Not sure what variety would suit, unfortunately.  Nothing too vigorous of course.  The reason I suggest a rose over a clematis is because the foliage is much more interesting.. shiny, new growth tinged with maroon, and canes of various colors depending on age.  My clematis just looks rather unhappy right now, not what you want for a centerpiece.

    And when it's not blooming, a dozen quality silk roses carefully attached will give you color throughout the summer and fall. 😉. As a gardener, typically I hate silk flowers.. but as I have matured I can see their place.  I have some really nice quality silk geranium plants in a pot on my open front porch (full shade except for baking hot sun in the late afternoon).  Over the years I've tried a wide variety of part shade loving annuals in that location with little success, flowers, or visual interest.  Now I have an amazing centerpiece that matches my seat cushions and looks amazing with no effort.  I am now looking for silk orchid flowers to clip to the supports for my real orchids when they are resting between flowering.. just to add color for that between time.  
    Utah, USA.
  • I bought two climbing roses for an arch at the end of last year. My first ever roses. And I must say I love them! They have been flowering for months now with regular deadheading. I hadn't thought about a rose for these obelisks because I thought they'd grow too big. I'll look to see what is suitable. 

    Thank you

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