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new flower bed

i am removing lawn to convert to flower beds for next year i dont have access to horse manure so would like advice on the following..
what best compost for general flowers?
other soil aditives?


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Depends on quantity you need. Good quality top soil can be bought in bulk bags as can soil conditioners and farmyard manure.
    50L bags of manure can be bought from Wickes, B&M and garden centres.
  • FlyDragonFlyDragon Posts: 834
    What's the soil like that's already there? Clay/sand, acid/alkaline etc.
  • Not clay-sand I know water is good and generally plants grow ok but others have better growth 
  • FlyDragonFlyDragon Posts: 834
    edited August 2020
    Its useful to know the pH of your soil, as different plants do better depending on whether its acidic, alkaline or neutral. 

    This map can tell you roughly what kind of soil you have:
  • Thank you I’ll go that way first
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