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  • Can anyone tell me what I can use as an environmentally friendly substitute for carbendazim on the chocolate spot on my broad beans please?

    Thank you.
  • c&b.WARNING. I have been told and I believe it is true that the green balls on your potato plants are very poisonous. So dispose of them,safely, particularly if there are children nearby
  • Ive been pleased with what ive managed to grow in pots this yr without an allotment, wondering what I could grow through winter, I do have a greenhouse if i needed to put my pots inside..I was thinking of garlic as we use tons, any other tips welcome ?
  • Eileen,
    I think morning glorys do only open in the morning - hence the name! I have some seeds to plant and wonder if planting them on the north wall of the house will help, as they won't get any sun until later in the day, but I'm not sure that it will make any difference. It is sad, especially when I was at work, as they'd all be closed up by the time I got home!
  • I have grown potatoes for the first time this year,I have grown 8 different types, they taste very nice they brake up when they are cooked. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please.
  • I tried Catriona potatoes and although they grew well, they tend to boil in the water and end up a gloopy mess. Rocket was good but not enough of them and french beans were so easy to grow in a pot.
  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135
    Hello last year the beetroot and turnips were probably the best ever the longest growing season for runner beans and we are still using Pumpkin's down to the last one I'm from retford Nottinghamshire keV dale the retford gardener
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