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Bacterial canker cherry

I’m fairly sure this is bacterial canker on our cherry tree-what would you do about it? My book tells me to cut out the infected material but as it is a fairly young tree with a slender trunk (which is where the infection is) I think this would barely leave enough healthy trunk for support. I was hoping it might fight back over the summer but it just seems to have spread. Is it a goner? It is a shame, pretty tree which gave us ten delicious cherries this year 😢. 


  • Just bumping this to see if anyone has a solution? Thanks
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,114
    I'm afraid there is not much you can do. The area where the branch has been chopped or fallen away may be the entry point. The cut was not pruned back clean and flat. 

    Some Cherry trees are very susceptible. But, I have seen many amble on for many years, so it may stabilise and even recover. But keep an eye on it, because further deterioration will mean it can become unstable and may fall.
  • Thanks borderline, I thought that might be the case. We don’t have any other prunus in the garden for it to spread to so I’ll leave it be for another year and see how things develop.
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