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Pear blossoming in August

This year we got no blossom on our pear tree, but it is blossoming now.
I suspect there will be insufficient time for pears to grow.
Curious why this has happened. 

It is a well established but quite young tree in a south facing bed. The location is moderately sheltered.

It has been having some rust attacks which I've dealt with by removing and disposing of affected leaves. It seems as if this was partly coming from nearby Lily-of-the-valley. These had lots of rust on them. These plants have now been removed. 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    I have seen ornamental pear trees in my area flower in autumn before. It has happened 2 years ago, and it was not on one, but on a quite a few trees. So I can only assume that the tree had been stressed by the extremely warm and dry summer.

    The trees were almost shutting down over the mid-summer time, and leaves were in a poor state and dropping off early. Once the weather cooled down and rain returned, maybe this triggered the tree to wake again like spring. It did blossom in spring too. For your pear tree, it could be the same. Hopefully no harm done, although some trees have an off year with fruiting. Hopefully someone who grows fruit trees can offer their opinions.
  • Agree. This year plants have been subjected to a very strange time.
    At the moment we have magnolia in flower again, Clematis armandii (winter) in flower as well as azara.
    Many of our fruit trees have been very stressed due to lack of water and quite a few apples have taken a year out.
    We had tremendous spring flowering on plums, cherries, gages, apples and pears. Then we had quite a few frosts and few pollinators so fruiting this year has been very poor.
    We have had a beurre hardy pear flower in August last year but the fruit didn't develop.
    Hopefully you will be lucky next year.
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