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Cistus mystery

Hi all
I planted this Cistus x hybridus in spring - in a sunny south-facing well-drained spot. It got water and some slow-release fertiliser on planting, but since then I have done nothing to it. It has grown really well - probably quadrupled in size to about 3 feet across BUT absolutely not a single flower. I'd welcome any ideas on why, and if there is anything I can do. Suspect it is too late this year?



  • I planted 2 a few years ago. Like yours they grew for a year or so before flowering in the second year. Sadly can't show photos as I've now moved house.
  • I bet all the green growth is due to adding fertiliser, rock roses grown naturally in really poor soil, you've given them so much feed they're loving their life but have no urgency to produce any flowers. 
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,846
    Agree.  They like poor, well-drained soil so no more feeding and only water if it looks limp in a heatwave.

    It should flower next year and since there's so much new growth it should be pretty good.
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  • @sue.meager @amancalledgeorge @Obelixx Thanks all. Clearly in my effort to ensure it got well-established, I have over-pampered it. I'll keep it on meagre rations from now on. Cheers.
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