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Crabapple Hedge Pruning How-To?

I want to plant a crabapple hedge near my veg plot between Nov and Feb for the benefit of early insects and winter birds. I'm including native plants and ornamental varieties. When and how should I prune it if I want both flowers and fruit? Any advice would be gratefully received. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,143
    Not sure how well you'd keep crabapples as a hedge if you want flowers and fruit, but someone else might have advice.  :)
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  • elcolelcol Posts: 4
    Hmm, thanks. I hope so🤞.  Seems potentially tricky. It doesn't need to be a really manicured hedge but could do with remaining within about 18 inches thick. Perhaps I could prune 50% of the growth each year? 
  • Maybe you could train them in the same way as step over apples But to the height you want? Basically small espaliers
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  • elcolelcol Posts: 4
    That's an interesting idea, especially in terms of keeping the hedge relatively narrow too, thank you. I guess I'd need to buy maiden sized plants in order to do that. 
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