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Hi, I've got given a Swiss cheese plant last November and it is thriving. Its grown 4 big leaves and what I think is Ariel root? Its getting slightly big for the pot now can I repot this time of year? Also should I cut just below the new root and re plant so I have two plants? Any suggestions welcome


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,161
    I'd repot now. Normally you'd do it at the start of the growing season but that's a very small pot for the size of plant and I'd be worried if it will survive until next spring in there. Are there lots of roots coming through the base of the pot? Maybe put it into a slightly bigger pot now as there's still a good few weeks left of active growing yet this year, and then you can pot up properly in the spring? When you do the spring pot up make sure to get a moss pole as well and that will allow the plant to grow up and use those aerial roots properly.
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    You can buy special plant supports covered in moss which you keep sprayed with a mister and which are good for plants that produce aerial roots as they can wrap around the moss and gain moisture.  It needs both aerial and soil roots so don't cut any off.

    I would repot it as soon as you've found a support you can use and use good compost such as a John Innes no 3.   Soak the entire root ball before moving it to a new pot which needs to be an inch or two wider and deeper than the current one and you need to mist the whole plant daily as they like a moist atmosphere.   Keep it in a well lit position but not in direct sun or by a radiator or in a draught and don't let it get below 10C in winter.
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