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problems growing drumstick scabious

ju1i3ju1i3 Camden Town, LondonPosts: 189
Has anyone else grown drumstick scabious from seed? My seedlings are a disaster. I had 4 but 3 have withered (2 pots towards the left and 1 bottom right (thicker stem, not the slug-eaten plant)). Not seen anything like this. The final one (top right) appears to be just hanging on. NB a morning glory is sharing its support. The surrounding nepeta cataria are looking good and I've grown other plants from seed this season so it's not something like soil or conditions generally. I did have a few more seedlings some weeks ago but the squirrels destroyed them so having survived everything I thought 4 plants were an "ok" result. Thanks for any thoughts.


  • MolamolaMolamola BelgiumPosts: 6
    I am growing these in a pot too for the first time (Scabiosa stellata "Sternkugel" from Chiltern seeds).  I planted mine at the end of May.  They germinated quickly, and were looking quite resistant to the hot weather and have the soil dry out between waterings, but then the leaves curled up in Friday's heat and have yet to unfurl.  I'm still waiting to see if they recover. 
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