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Unidentified shrub - help with identification needed!

Hi there
I hope you can help. We have a shrub (at least, I think it's a shrub) in our garden, which we inherited when we moved in. It looks pretty old and when we first came it had lots of thick straight branches/stems tightly pack together growing more or less straight up. It wasn't in very good shape so after much deliberation we cut it right back to about a foot from the ground (spring 2019) to try to rejuvenate it. This left what looked almost like a tree stump as the branches/stems were so tightly packed.
Since then it has grown back well, but hasn't yet flowered again. It did flower one summer - white, highly fragrant flowers. My step-mum thought it was some kind of jasmine - she seemed pretty sure. But I can't seem to identify it as such in my online searching.
Any ideas as to what it might be?
Thank you so much for your help  :)

A view of the base (with some ivy creeping through):


  • I don't think it's Jasmine. Looks like Philadelphus, possibly a variety called 'Virginal'
    It flowers on the previous season's wood so you may have, unwiitingly, cut out the growth which would have produced fragrant white flowers this year.
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,025
    I also think it’s a Philadelphus ... I would clear out the ivy etc from the base, give it a feed of Fish Blood & Bone and a couple of buckets of water once a week in dry spells and wait until next May/June ... it should flower again about then. 

    In future, if it needs cutting back, the best way is to cut out the oldest stems at the base ... removing up to one third of the total number of stems. That way you don’t lose the blooms. 

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  • Thank you so much yorkshirerose and Dovefromabove! It's so good to know what it is and now we can care for it properly. We tried to thin out stems from the base before we cut it all back, but they were so dense it was basically impossible - but it will be possible going forward so we'll definitely do that - and we'll sort the ivy/feed/water too. Again, many thanks indeed!  :)  <3
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