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Plant ID please.

poppyfield64poppyfield64 CornwallPosts: 125
I've had this plant in a pot for a few years and can't remember buying it or it ever having flowers. At the beginning of summer I planted it in the garden. Still no sign of buds. It's a low ground mound at the moment. Any ideas to jog this appalling memory. 


  • herbaceousherbaceous E. BerksPosts: 1,853
    That looks remarkably like Basil, does it smell if you crush a leaf?  There are quite a few similar looking plants in the same family.
    Haven't been anywhere for over four months but I'm here and I'm mostly happy
  • poppyfield64poppyfield64 CornwallPosts: 125
    @herbaceous just went out with hubby and neither of us can smell basil.  It just has a leafy smell (is there is such a thing).
  • herbaceousherbaceous E. BerksPosts: 1,853
    Absolutely there is a leafy smell poppyfield64 it is a fresh, moist, green garden smell  :D 
    I am really not good at all with none veg/herb plants but there are other plants in the ocimum family which are grown ornamentally.  I was just struck by the similarity with your plant.

    Maybe try googling ocimum and see if anything looks the same? Or wait and see if one the many v clever people on here can help you  :) 
    Haven't been anywhere for over four months but I'm here and I'm mostly happy
  • Is it a dwarf phlox?
  • poppyfield64poppyfield64 CornwallPosts: 125
    @herbaceous glad there is such a smell as I'm useless at distinguishing scents   :D 
    I did google Ocimum and it does look very similar, but I can't ever remember buying a basil plant.

    @rachelQrtJHBjb I looked at a normal phox at B&Q today but I think the leaves on it are narrower and longer than this one but that's not to say other varieties haven't got the same leaf.  I tried googling but all the plants are covered in flowers and so not easy to see the leaves.
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