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Please help save my Dragonplant Claudius

A plea from my girlfriend:

This is my dragon plant, not sure which type because I have grown it from a tiny clipping that my mother gave me five years ago. My guess is that it's a dracaena marginata.

In January, when I moved house, I discovered it had some sort of fly infestation so I used some very low levels of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water to kill them, I then eventually repotted the plant about three months ago now, to get rid of the infestation entirely.

During that time it started to yellow and lose a few leaves, I figured this was normal for repotting. But it has steadily continued and lost more leaves mostly from the bottom, but it's now losing leaves from about half way up the plant too. 

The other things that's happening is that more of thr leaves are starting to go yellow, they were a deep solid green, and they still are at the top, but now more of them have yellow patches, and in some cases it yellows entirely and drops off.

Like I said it's still growing healthily from the top but I'm worried about the rate it's losing leaves. It seems to have  phases where it loses more leaves but I can't tell what spurs it on.

I water it about once every two to three weeks I'd say. It's in a spot where it gets medium amounts of light. I usually give it a good drench once it's dry, it's in a pot with drainage holes.

Recently I panic watered it when it lost some leaves, not sure that was a wise move..

Does anyone know why this happening? This plant has been an incredible grower, and very low maintenance. Am I killing it with attention? He's called Claudius and I love him, someone please help 😭


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  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,492
    Claudius is a rather robust fellow.  Have you been feeding him?  He looks fairly healthy, and I'm actually surprised he has retained so many lower leaves.. my four only keep about six inches of leaves attached and the rest of the stem bare.

    Next time you get fungus gnats, use those sticky yellow paper traps.  They are cheap and work great.. and easier on Claudius than a hydrogen peroxide bath.  They take a few weeks to work.. and I find they are best sort of balanced across the top of the rim of the pot over the soil to catch newly hatched flies as they leave the soil.  That seems to speed up the process.  

    Check the bottom of the yellow leaves for red spider mites.. they are tiny and make sort of a webby looking texture on the surface.  Typically only the lowest leaves should be turning yellow.  He does have a bit of a bare patch in that area.. was he against a heater, fan, or something different from the rest of the plant on that side?
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