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need advice on climbing plants



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,520
    I would always use B, F&Bone in spring, as the plants will use it as necessary. The problem with liquid feeds is that they get flushed through, so they aren't long lasting. They're better for using as an additional feed for heavy flowering plants.
    I think you need to be careful about your watering. It's very easy for pots to dry out, and when you water, it will run straight through and not be absorbed. When you water, it should take a little while for the water to work through. If it happens very quickly, it's quite likely that the soil is dried out. A good way to check is to lift it. If it feels light, and the plants are wilting, then the soil is dry. 
    The best way to rehydrate is to sit the pot on a saucer of some kind, and then any excess can be gradually absorbed from below. It's something you get a feel for over time too  :)
    Even with regular rainfall, a plant with a lot of foliage can be dry, as the foliage prevents the water getting through the canopy. Alternatively, just water and leave for ten minutes and repeat, until the compost has absorbed enough and is moist. 

    Your other area sounds rather boggy. That can be amended with the addition of lots of compost and well rotted manure. Manure aids drainage in heavy soil by opening up the structure, and conversely, helps hold onto moisture in light, sandy soils. It would be worth addressing that before planting anything there. Once you have a decent amount of shrubs and planting in a wet area, those plants help take up water and prevent it getting too waterlogged in future too. 
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  • susananwmssusananwms Posts: 105
    Thanks for all that info, I am certainly taking note, I will definitely start adding lots of compost to bottom of garden, I have always wanted to try and do something about that.  By manure do you mean horse manure or rotted down stuff from a compost bin?
    Watering wise I think I do ok, am a bit paranoid about stuff drying out, you say is something you get a feel for, but I don't think i have yet, I am continually feeling the compost its and if in doubt i give more water
    I don't think I will ever be a knowledgeable or confident gardener but as long as stuff grows I am happy
    I know I do not remember everything I read or look up about plants so trying to keep things to a minimum now, but have learned a few things today and know i can just come back to remind myself so thank you
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,520
    The more you do things and they work, the easier it becomes  :)
    Manure is exactly that- rotted horse manure. Compost from a bin is also excellent as a soil conditioner, so would be ideal for your wet area, but it doesn't contain lots of nutrients. Manure does, so is great for food as well as a conditioner. 
    As long as your plants have good drainage in whatever container they're in, excess water will come through the bottom, so it's then harder to over water. If your pots are on a solid surface, it's also helpful if they're raised up on pot feet to let the excess get away easily. It doesn't have to be the ones you can buy, you can use bits of brick or offcuts of timber etc. 
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  • susananwmssusananwms Posts: 105
    Thank you for all your advice, just waiting for delivery of my planters now, make sure I fill them with the right compost and choose the right flowers, then start adding compost and manure to bottom of garden.
    A few of my pots are raised off patio already, either because they are on quirky feet or because on wheels cus they heavy but will look at the others to see if i can improve.  Thank you for all the help you have given
    I will be back because I have loads of questions about compost but think i will leave that for another day :D
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,520
    No problem. There's always someone around to offer some help on the forum, and it's often quicker than trying to research in other ways.  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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