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Powdery Mildew

Both my courgette and cucumber plants have powdery mildew on their leaves. I’ve removed the worst affected leaves, moved the plants apart to protect them from infecting each other and have been following instructions I found online which told me to spray the leaves with 5% cider vinegar solution.

its not working!!!!

now I’ve found online advice that says a milk solution or a detergent solution or a bicarbonate solution......

What do I do do get rid of the mildew? I DO NOT want to use chemicals :-)



  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,492
    I don’t think much of anything gets rid of it.. it's all about prevention.  Saying that, I purchased a black current this year from the GC that instantly broke out in powdery mildew within a day or two of bring it home.  I tried the milk solution (70% water and 30% milk) in bright sunlight, and that really seemed to help.  Even if it just glued the spores to the leaf and kept the spread down.  Spraying it didn't do any damage to the plant either.  It's supposed to be a preventative that you use from germination, but I’m too lazy for that.. but will certainly use it again as a treatment when needed.
    Utah, USA.
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