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Can I save my Japanese cherry?

dokanedokane Posts: 21
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I have a Japanese cherry prunus serr shirotea in my front garden.  It hasn't grown much in the 10 to 12 years it is there but I think it is not meant to and is fine for a small front garden but some of the branches now have no leaves and the leaves are turning in on themselves.  The house builder also put these in other gardens where I live and they look a lot healthier than mine! It did flower well in April...lovely for those 2 weeks. Can I save it or do I just replace it? It is grafted if that is relevant?


  • dokanedokane Posts: 21
    Cant add pics as they are too big!
  • dokanedokane Posts: 21

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,885
    I would say that the graft point (lump just below the tree tie) is failing, possibly due to canker entering.  I can't see closely enough, but are those small lumps a natural formation on the bark, or could they be scale insects?  Squishing one with your thumbnail will soon tell - if a sticky goo emerges, it is scale.
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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 26,210
    IMHO, it's not worth struggling with. I'd remove it.
    You've waited over 10 years and it's .... erm.... Not the best specimen  . 
  • dokanedokane Posts: 21
    I've added some close up pics of graft....cant see any insects ..the white stuff is bird poo!
  • dokanedokane Posts: 21
    Even I can see the graft looks pretty unhealthy. Will replace with another small tree.  Thanks all 
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