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Viburnum tinus

Please can you help...I have a Viburnum Tinus as a plant which has been great but has lost leaves at the back which is near a wall so guessing this is normal.. but it looks like it has been infested with some larvae caterpilla looking thing.. now have sprayed it it with diah soap and Apple cider vinegar mixture to help kill them.. but should i prune off the too bits.. it has new regrowth, so never sure if I'm supposed to cut this off or not.. it smells a bit too


  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 1,515
    edited July 2020
    Usually you get a smell with vibernum beetle, I would just take off the damaged bits move it out of the corner a bit so you get better airflow. 
  • Thanks, yes googled that and yes i beleive it does look like that..OK I will prune off the damaged black bits thank you for taking the time to answer.. Am new at the gardening so its all a learning curve
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