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Senecio Angel wings

Jimmy281942Jimmy281942 Posts: 4
Here is my magnificent Angel Wings about to come out in flower. Can anyone tell me how to take cuttings and when.


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 486
    I kept my first Angel's Wings indoors over winter as I felt that it wouldn't like a cold wet winter. I accidentally broke off 3 leaves so put them in a vase of water. They were too nice to throw away. I kept them topped up with water until I was tired of them. Tipped them out and they were a mass of roots, so potted them. The plant got a bit leggy so I cut the top off and planted it. EVERYTHING grew. The stump of the topless plant soon filled in with side shoots. This year a side shoot got broken off in the wind so I planted it in a pot. Its turned into an upright plant  despite being horizontal when planted. There's plenty of choice here! My biggest problem is parting with them. Everyone wants one but they are so nice, they only go to good friends. One tip to keep them nice is to remove dead leaves so that the don't get sodden and cause rot.
  • Thanks for that Joy. It seems that nothing will deter them from growing. I will certainly take cuttings at the end of this season and see what transpires!
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 486
    Hi there Jimmy. Mine haven't flowered  - yet! If you have plenty of side shoots,  I would use one or two for cuttings now, then they will have some time to get well rooted before the weather gets too cold. They do stop growing in winter (when outside). The side shoot which broke off mine less than a month ago is sending out new leaves already so must have rooted in. I would suggest that you put any cuttings in a cooler shady spot if we get a heatwave!
  • Hi Joy, thanks for those tips.  My Angel Wings just hasn’t stopped growing!  It is now 4 foot wide and now in flower.  But I’m going to take a few cuttings this weekend, And keep my Fingers crossed. It must be in a frost free spot too, as it wasn’t affected by the weather
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