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Caterpillar ID

I found this little guy hiding in one of my roses this morning munching away.. does anyone know what kind of caterpillar this is? I have not had a butterfly on my balcony yet so the thought of having one finally is rather exciting.. even if it is decimating a couple of my roses..


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,864
    edited July 2020
    s it got two false eyes on the end, like this...

    The head is on the right hand side, the false eyes on the left.
      Hawkmoths are large and pretty but not very often seen unless you are looking for them.  We had this caterpillar in the garden , but have yet to see an adult .

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  • celcius_kkwcelcius_kkw Posts: 717
    I’ll have another look.. it was hiding inside the rose so it’s difficult to inspect it in its entirety.. 
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