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Rose companion ideas

PotwomanPotwoman Posts: 53
Just buried my dear old dog in garden 😢. Want to make a rose garden in memory. I have  a lady of shallot rose       plenty of space so will add more roses.    But what to plant in between the roses ?    Would like to make it colourful throughout the year    Thanks in advance for any ideas  


  • AstroAstro Posts: 292
    Sorry to hear about your dog  :'( . It's very painful to lose our beloved pets, they become a big part of the family.

    Your rose garden is a lovely idea and I personally have planted tulips , daffodils and primroses in spring, then often hardy geraniums, foxgloves , lupins and Aliums, followed by cosmos and dahlias. I think roses are quite versatile and go well with lots of cottage and formal style plants. 

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,556
    I'm sorry to hear of your loss.. I have a 13 year old dog that is quickly showing his age.. and have been having similar thoughts.  I plan to purchase a dogwood as memorial.  I enjoy a good pun, and watching the seasons and blossoms will cheer us.  You might not have room for a tree.. but what about the variety you coppice?  It will really stand out in the winter when all the roses are dormant.. and add a nice background for the roses in summer.. and maybe even some autumn color?
    Utah, USA.
  • PotwomanPotwoman Posts: 53
    Thankyou. That sounds good.  I am gonna do that 
  • YnneadYnnead LondonPosts: 152
    sorry for your loss. When I was younger and living with my parents I had a large rose plant in a pot and I planted lavender with it. Kept the aphids at bay for whatever reason.
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